"The internet is a powerful way to reach new clients and having a solid website is an important part of that equation... This is a workshop that can help you understand on what to do next. "

Bruce Burklow
RE/MAX Deal Makers
Hampshire, IL
"I attended one of Dave's workshops and found it very informative! He brings a lot of experience in marketing real estate, and some great ideas for advice for helping agents to stand out when working with clients."

Marcia Mack
Coldwell Banker Residential Mortgage
Glenview IL
"Even after more than 25 years in the business I couldn't believe how many helpful ideas I got in such a short period of time. We can all use these tips toward gaining new business."

Mike Dew
Oak Tree Construction Services
Schaumburg IL
Joan Margau
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Business Networking Events
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How To Sell Properties To Approved Buyers Prior To Completion
Tues. Nov. 20

9 AM - Noon
Our workshops, seminars, and events are created to match the client's wishes. From paid workshops at large venues to big groups to office presentations in front of a small group, our real estate, marketing, and presentation capabilities are an ideal fit.

We also offer several 'ready to go' industry topics:

"Property Marketing Strategies For Agents"

"Personal Branding Strategies For Agents"

"Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Investors"

"Property Reduction Strategies"

"How To Sell Your Properties Prior to Completion Or Move In Date"

"Fix & Flip vs. Buy & Hold For Investors"

"Real Estate Deals - Fund Them Then Find Them"

"Media Coaching For Real Estate Professionals"

"Creating A Business Plan For Real Estate"

"Promoting Your Personal Brand Through Networking"

If you have a topic and one or more experts ready to present, our staff can assist you with turning it into a successful event. We help provide partners, sponsors, venues, and presenters.
  Home Buyers Home Sellers is pleased to have Dave Kohl on our side. Dave has served as Marketing Director of the Chicago area's leading real estate specific marketing agency, First In Promotions, since it's inception in 1992.

Hundreds of agents, brokers, and investors, are familiar with Dave through a variety of workshops, seminars, meetups, and presentations at venues such as real estate offices, industry conferences and expos, retailers, co-working spaces, and classrooms throughout the Chicago area.

His extensive broadcasting and public speaking experience adds value whether he acts as keynote speaker, presenter, host, and/or organizer of real estate related events.

During 2018, Dave presented at the Midwest Real Estate Summit; Virtual Reality For Real Estate Panel; Chicago Rehabapolooza; Deal Vault Dinner & Demo; Chicago REIA; Floor & Decor design events; and leading real estate and builder offices including Keller Williams O'Hare and ZSD Builders.

Dave's experience with coordinating industry events goes back to the 90's when he developed a commercial real estate seminar series while serving as Affiliates Director for the Los Angeles CCIM Chapter. This was after his "Open House Hotline" service led to his being chosen "Business Person of the Year" for 1990 by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

More importantly, he is just as comfortable in front of a group of hundreds of people as he is doing internal office presentations about marketing a specific property. His having created numerous Feasibility Studies, Operations Manuals, and Sales Manuals for both real estate and small business adds to his skills for developing our workshops, seminars, and networking events from start to finish.
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Planning Your Chicago Real Estate Workshop:
Methods to promote

Direct mail (possible list rental or acquisition); social media, web site, PPC, outside advertising, Email blasts; company web site(s); meeting/networking groups.


Partners: Working with businesses or individuals that reach the same audience with products/services which compliment yours.

Partners can be brought in for the purposes of sharing the promotional and/or venue and operational costs, adding helpful content to the actual presentation(s), helping with hosting and event staffing, and/or providing gifts or incentives to attendees.

Sponsors: Working with businesses or individuals which pay to be a part of the event and to reach your audience with their message.

Sponsors can, depending on the format of the workshop(s), be brought in to produce revenue, bring in attendees, present additional helpful content, host or provide venue(s), help with staffing at events, promote the workshop(s) to your target audience via their database, web site(s), and networking functions, and/or allow you to present your concept at appropriate venues and strategies they make available.


There are a number of possibilities for the content of each workshop, such as showing videos and having Q & A; using a PowerPoint (graphics) presentation; classroom teaching format with white board; informal discussion; panel of experts; and/or webinar.

Some workshops are held as scheduled to attract new potential clients/customers on a regular basis.

For example, a four part class or workshop which starts with Part 1 on the first Tuesday of each month and concludes on the fourth Tuesday. This is designed to produce clients (or generate revenue self standing for those who complete) on a regular basis.

Workshops can be held once per week/month/quarter/year for the same purpose. They can be held at one or more standard locations (i.e. north side on Tuesdays, south side on Thursdays) as determined by factors such as geographic location(s) of target audience, location(s) of partners/sponsors, as well as online webinars, live or strategically replayed.

One or multiple locations

You can produce your workshop one time at one location, one time at each of several geographic locations, multiple times at one location, or multiple times at multiple locations.

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